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Addicore  |  SKU: AD315

Wheel for FS90R Servo (60x8mm)

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This wheel is made specifically for use with the FS90R continuous rotation servo.

The wheel is made of plastic and has a silicone tire for added traction. The wheel fits onto the spline of an FS90R servo and we include a screw to use for securing the wheel to the servo's spline.

The spokes of the wheel allow you to use a sensor such as our CNY70 optical sensor to count each time a spoke passes by the sensor and therefore count the revolutions of the wheel and calculate the distance traveled. Since the wheel has a circumference of 188.5 mm (7.42") and has five spokes, you can easily get 1/5th rotation precision. So you could measure distance traveled with a precision of 37.7 mm (1.48"). Of course the precision could be improved through modifications such as adding an encoder style disk to the wheel with more reflective/non-reflective bands/lines or by using an additional optical sensor.

Product Contents:
  • 1 — plastic wheel, compatible with FS90R servo
  • 1 — silicone tire
  • 1 — screw
Wheel Material Plastic
Tire Material Silicone
Diameter 60 mm (2.36")
Circumference 188.5 mm (7.42")
Width 8 mm (0.31")
Weight 12.4 g (0.44 oz)
Tire Removed
Click on image to view full size FS90R Servo Wheel with Tire Removed
Wheel attached to FS90R Servo Click on image to view full size
Units: mm over [inches]
Click on image to view full size FS90R Servo Wheel Dimensions