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Addicore  |  SKU: AD555-BLU

OLED Display - 128x64 1.3in Monochrome

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AD555 OLED Color


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This is a monochrome OLED display that produces a very crisp image. Since this is an OLED display it doesn't need a backlight which allows for deep black levels and therefore a very high contrast and it has a much wider viewing angle compared to LCD displays.

This display is 124 by 64 pixels in size, which allows you to fit quite a lot of text or graphics for the physical size of the display.

This module allows you to control the OLED display over I2C.

This module uses the SH1106 OLED driver.

There are multiple different styles and sizes of fonts available in the library that we have provided a link to below in the resources section.

Product Contents:

  • 1 — OLED Display - 128x64 1.3in Monochrome

OLED Driver SH1106
I2C Address
Default 0x78
Solder Selectable 0x7A
Supply Voltage 3.3V - 6V
Logic Level Voltage 3.3V - 4.3V
Diagonal Screen Size 33.02mm (1.3")
Pixel Resolution 128 x 64
Color Depth Monochrome
Display Mode Passive Matrix

Blue White
Length 32.16mm (1.26") 32.16mm (1.26")
Width 34.75mm (1.36") 34.75mm (1.36")