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Addicore  |  SKU: AD240

MOC3063 Zero-Cross Optocoupler

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From Fairchild the MOC3063 optocoupler is a zero voltage crossing bilateral triac driver which simplifies logic control of 115/240 VAC power. They are designed to be used with a triac in low voltage systems to control higher voltage and power equipment, especially equipment powered from AC power (hence the zero voltage crossing functionality). Examples of such equipment include solid-state relays, industrial controls, motors, solenoids, appliances, etc.

Product Contents:

  • 1 piece - MOC3063 optocoupler

  • Breadboard friendly PDIP package with pin spacing of 2.54mm (0.1")
  • Dimensions (excluding pins): 8.66mm (0.34") length x 6.55mm (0.26") width x 3.38mm (0.13") height
  • Pin Length: 3.8mm (0.15")
  • Weight: 0.41g (0.015oz)
Performance Specifications:

Max Isolation Surge Voltage 750 VAC
Max Continuous Forward Current 60mA
Max Reverse Voltage 6V
LED Trigger Current 5mA
Max Peak Repetitive Surge Current 1A
Peak Blocking Current, Either Direction 10-500nA
Zero Crossing Characteristics
Inhibit Voltage (V above which device will not trigger) 12-20V
Leakage in Inhibit State 2mA