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Addicore  |  SKU: AD254

Breadboard 400 Tie-Points 4 Power Rails

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Product Contents:
  • 1 — White 400 Tie-Point Breadboard
  • 400 total tie-points:
    • 300 general prototyping tie-points
      • 2 columns of 30 rows of 5 interconnected tie-points
    • 100 power rail tie-points
      • 2 pairs of positive and negative power rails, one pair on each side of the breadboard
        • 25 interconnected tie-points per rail
  • The two columns have a 0.3" (7.62mm) separation which allows for easy placement of DIP style package ICs
  • Board-to-board side connectors on all four sides allow you to connect multiple breadboards together to form larger breadboards
    • The power rail pairs are attached to the main board with the same board-to-board connectors
      • You can remove the power rails from the main breadboard and cut the adhesive foam backing to make a smaller breadboard and independent power rail pairs
  • Peel away paper protected self-adhesive foam backing to mount to projects or mounting plates

  • Hole Spacing 2.54mm (0.1")
    Acceptable Pin Sizes 29-21 AWG
    Contacts 2.54mm (0.1")
    Material Nickel plated brass
    Rated Amperage 2A
    Length 82.55mm (3.25")
    Width 54.61mm (2.15")
    Height 8.38mm (0.33")
    Weight 40g (1.41oz)
    * Excluding the board-to-board side connectors and adhesive foam backing