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Addicore  |  SKU: AD188

Blue LED Illuminated Arcade Push Button

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This blue illuminated arcade button is great for any gaming projects or projects that just look better with an illuminated button. Simply twist the switch mechanism to remove. Unscrew the black plastic mounting nut and remove the black plastic washer then install the plastic button body into a hole of a diameter slightly larger than 0.94" (24mm) and tighten the mounting nut. Then replace the switch mechanism and connect your wires.

Product Contents:

  • 1 piece........Blue illuminated arcade push button
  • Switch contact type is SPST normally open momentary switch
  • Switch action type is momentary switch
  • Internal resistor attached to LED allows you to illuminate the button using 5V to 12V (nominal brightness with 12V)
    • Optimal brightness achieved with 12V
    • Internal resistor can be desoldered and replaced with a different resistor to achieve optimal brightness at lower voltages
  • Bottom shaft diameter: 0.95in (24mm)
  • Top diameter: 1.32in (33.5mm)
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