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Addicore  |  SKU: AD468

ACS712 Current Sensor Module +-- 5A

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This current sensor board is based on the Allegro ACS712ELCTR-05A bi-directional hall-effect current sensor chip that detects positive and negative flowing currents in the range of minus 5 Amps to positive 5 Amps. The board operates at 5V DC and the current flow through the sensor is converted to an output voltage starting at 1/2Vcc (or 2.5V) for no current flow and moves up 185mV per amp for positive current or down -185mV per amp for negative current.

For example:
The output voltage at +2 amps would be (2.5V + (0.185 * 2)) = 2.870 V
The output voltage at -5 amps would be (2.5V - (0.185 * 5)) = 1.575 V

Product Contents:

  • 1 — ACS712 Current Sensor Module 5A

VCC 5V DC Nominal
Measurement Range -5 to +5 A
Voltage at 0A VCC/2 (Nominally 2.5V DC)
Scale Factor 185mV per A
Length 31.73 mm (1.24")
Width 13.25 mm (0.52")
Height 14 mm (0.55")
Weight 2.72 g (0.096 oz)