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Addicore  |  SKU: AD519

2-Place 18650 Battery Holder with Wires

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This battery holder is made to hold two 18650-type batteries in series.

NOTE: Due to the nature and characteristics of lithium-ion batteries Addicore is not responsible or liable for any damages, malfunction, injuries, fire, burns, or any other consequences or results that may occur with incorrect or correct use of this holder or any battery, device, or item this holder is used with, including following or using any instructions, guidance, or direction of any kind from Addicore or others. By purchasing this product you accept the preceding.

Product Contents:

  • 1 - 2-Place 18650 Battery Holder with Wires

Compatible Battery 18650 Batteries
Cell Connection Configuration Series
Length 76mm (2.98")
Width 41mm (1.61")
Height 19.35mm (0.762")
Wire Length 130mm (5.11")
Weight 13.9g (0.5oz)
Precautionary Notes:

Series Cells Note: When cells are connected in series, you need a special battery charger and controller that are specifically made to charge and balance series connected cells.