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XL4005 Step-Down Adjustable DC-DC Switching Buck Converter RobotDyn TM1637 6 Digit LED Display with 0.56" Digits RobotDyn Sound Detector RobotDyn Digital IR Receiver
US-015 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module ESP8266 ESP-12F WiFi Module 3 Wire Voltmeter Module RobotDyn TM1637 4 Digit LED Display with 0.56" Digits
ESP8266 ESP-12F WiFi Module
Price: $5.25
Sale Price: $4.95
Savings: $0.30
3 Wire Voltmeter Module
Price: $3.25

Boffintronics Haptic Feedback Module ACS712 Current Sensor Module +/- 20A ACS712 Current Sensor Module +/- 5A 2 Wire Voltmeter Module
2 Wire Voltmeter Module
Price: $2.75

ACS712 Current Sensor Module +/- 30A XL6009E1 Step-Up Adjustable DC-DC Switching Boost Converter 4 Channel Relay Module (75mm  x 50mm Version) 1 Channel Relay Module (Active High Control)
1 Channel Relay Module (Active Low Control) TCS3200 Color Sensor Module HMC5883L Triple-Axis Magnetometer Compass Module OLED Display - 128x64 0.96in Monochrome
OLED Display - 128x64 0.96in Monochrome
Price: $8.35
Sale Price: $6.50
Savings: $1.85