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Addicore  |  SKU: AD295

HC-06 Bluetooth Slave Serial (UART) Module

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The HC-06 is a slave Bluetooth 2.0+EDR serial (UART) pass-through module. It can easily pair with a master Bluetooth device, but cannot pair with another slave device.

It can be connected to the serial pins on your Arduino or other dev board and serve as a wireless serial link, all without having to do anything except connect power, ground, Tx, and Rx. Once powered, the module automatically starts broadcasting its ID waiting for a master Bluetooth device to pair with it.

The module has an on-board voltage regulator which allows you to power the module with supply voltages of 3.6V to 6V.

With a logic level of 3.3V you can directly connect this module to a Raspberry Pi but we recommend using a logic level converter when connecting it to 5V logic devices such as most Arduino boards.

Product Contents:
  • 1 piece — HC-06 Slave Bluetooth Serial Module
Supply Voltage 3.6V to 6V
Chipset CSR BC417
Bluetooth Version V2.0 + EDR
Default Device ID Addicore HC-06
Default Passcode 1234
Default Baud Rate 9600
Board Dimensions:
    Length (not including pins)
37mm (1.457")
16.96mm (0.668")
Weight 3.24g (0.114oz)
Changing the ID, Passcode, or Baud Rate
    You can use AT commands, without any new-line or return characters, to change the following settings on the HC-06:
  • Device ID
    • Send “AT+NAMExxxx” where xxxx is the new name
      • Example: "AT+NAMEMyDevice" will change the name to MyDevice
  • Passcode
    • Send “AT+PIN####” replace #### with desired four digit pin
      • Example: "AT+PIN9876" will change the passcode to 9876
  • Baud Rate:
    • Send “AT+BAUD#” replace # with the associated baud code found in the Baud Rate Code Table below
      • Example: "AT+BAUD8" will change the baud rate to 115200
Baud Rate Code Table
Baud Code Baud Rate
1 1200
2 2400
3 4800
4 9600 (Default)
5 19200
6 38400
7 57600
8 115200
9 230400
A 460800
B 921600
C 138240-0