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Addicore  |  SKU: AD134

Proto Shield for Arduino with Mountable Breadboard

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Product Contents:
  • 1 piece - Proto shield board for Arduino
  • 2 piece - 1x6 male header pins
  • 2 piece - 1x8 male header pins
  • 2 piece - 1x5 female header
  • 2 piece - 1x6 female header
  • 2 piece - 1x8 female header
  • 1 piece - White 170 tie point breadboard with adhesive foam backing and release paper

  • Breadboard has adhesive backing and can be applied to the proto shield or used separately
  • 0.1”x0.1” spaced prototyping grid
  • 2 SMD LEDs in red with corresponding resistors mounted on top of shield; LEDs wired to ground, but a positive voltage needs to be connected to each LED's corresponding positive pad
  • 2 buttons, including 1 reset button and 1 general purpose button; general purpose button is hard-wired to ground (GND) and its other connection is brought out to a pad
  • 5-hole general purpose rail on PCB that is not connected to anything else on the shield that can be used at will
  • Two 5-pin female headers: 5V and ground (GND)
  • Four 12-hole power rails on PCB: two 5V and two GND (along middle and edges of prototyping area)
  • Gold-plated pads
  • Each pin from a connected Arduino is brought out to header pins on this shield (Compatible with UNO R3 but does not bring up the IOREF pin from the attached UNO R3)
  • Can add DIP ICs up to 20 pins to middle of prototyping area
  • Includes an area for surface-mount chips; can fit up to size SOIC 14 parts