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Addicore  |  SKU: AD144

Breadboard Prototyping AddiKit: Breadboard with 3.3V-5V Power Module and Jumper Wires

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Product Contents:

  • 1 pc - 830-hole breadboard with adhesive backing
  • 1 pc - 5V, 3.3V breadboard power supply module (style may vary from picture above)
  • 1 pc - USB cable with male A to male A connectors
  • 1 pc - Formed breadboard jumper wire kit (140 pieces)
  • 1 pc - Bundle of flexible jumper wires (65 pcs)
  • All of the above comes in a Addicore reusable AddiKit box

  • Breadboard:
    • Accepts most electronic components, including integrated circuits and transistors for digital and/or analog circuitry
    • Has 0.1" hole spacing, with 4 power buses, 10 columns and 63 rows, with 830 tie points total; pins are identified by numbered rows and lettered columns
    • Size: 6.5in (16.51cm) length x 2.125in (5.358cm) width; interlocking parts allow for multiple boards to be connected
    • Power rails: 8 total power rails, with 2 negative and 2 positive on each long side of the breadboard; each rail has 25 tie points
    • Includes two sets of five columns separated by approximately 0.3", allowing for straddling of a DIP package over the gap
  • Power supply module:
    • Includes two-way independent control and can be switched to 0V, 3.3V, and 5V
    • Barrel Jack Input voltage: 6.5V-12V DC
    • USB Jack:
      • Input voltage: 5V
      • Output voltage: 5V (when module is powered through barrel jack)
    • Output voltage: 3.3V, 5V DC
    • Output current: 700mA
    • Includes two sets of 3.3V, 5V DC output pins that connect to an attached breadboard's power rails
  • USB cable:
    • Length: 13.5in (34.29cm)
    • Male A to Male A connectors
    • Compatible with standard USB wall adapters
  • Pre-formed jumper wire kit:
    • Includes 140 #23 AWG jumper wires with 14 different lengths and 10 pcs per length
    • All wires included in a frosted plastic case
  • Flexible jumper wire bundle:
    • Includes 4 extra-long wires (8-3/8in / 21.27cm), 4 long (6-1/2in / 16.51cm), 8 medium (4-7/8in / 12.38cm), and 49 short (3in / 7.62cm)
    • Diameter of end pins: 0.23in (0.58mm)
  • Can use kit to prototype and test circuit designs
  • Recommendations for use:
    • Use a USB wall adapter, such as one used to charge a cell phone, with the included USB cable to power the module and breadboard
    • The 5V output of the module does not have any overcurrent protection between it and the 5V line of the USB jack, therefore we recommend using wall adapters to power the module through the USB connector because most standard USB wall adapters include built-in overcurrent protection
    • The USB jack can be used as a power output when powering the module though the input barrel jack (ex: you can attach an Arduino's USB cable to the USB jack on the power module and use the power module to power the Arduino); the total cumulative current drawn from the USB jack and the breadboard power rails must not exceed 700mA
    • IMPORTANT: it is not recommended to plug the USB cable into a computer to power the module because in the event that you do overcurrent or short the 5V line, the only thing protecting your computer is the circuit protection built into your computer's USB port