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Addicore  |  SKU: AD131

Project Interface AddiKit with Illuminated Arcade Button and Keypad and Joystick

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Product Contents:
  • 1 piece........Illuminated blue arcade push button
  • 20 pieces....6x6x5mm tact mini push button switches
  • 10 pieces....12x12x7mm tact mini push button switches
  • 1 piece........4x3 matrix array 12-key membrane switch keypad
  • 1 piece........Dual-axis XY joystick module for Arduino (5 pins)
  • 5 pieces......White knob potentiometers – 10k Ohm (3386T)
  • 1 piece........Active buzzer (5V)
  • 1 piece........7-pin right-angle male header
  • 1 piece........Male-female jumper wire Cable (5 different color wires)
  • 4 pieces......Quick connectors, for easy connection to the arcade button
  • All of the above is included in a white Addicore reusable AddiKit box

  • All included components are Arduino compatible (will work with Raspberry Pi but requires analog to digital conversion for the potentiometers and joystick)
  • Illuminated arcade button includes 4 quick connectors for quick and easy attachment to arcade button
  • Illuminated arcade button switch contact type is SPST normally open momentary switch, switch action type is momentary switch, and LED accepts 5V to 12V; bottom shaft diameter is 0.95in (24mm) and top diameter is 1.32in (33.5mm)
  • Tact mini push button switches have momentary contact, 4 pins, round black push button, and fit breadboard spacing
  • 12-key membrane switch pad has 7 pins that can be connected to a breadboard using included 7-pin right-angle male header; keypad has white sticker on back that can peel off for adhesive mounting
  • 5-pin Dual-axis XY joystick can control X and Y axis and has push-button switch; connects to breadboard using included male-female jumper wire cable
  • White knob potentiometers are 10k Ohm and include 8mm long white knob and 3 pins; dimensions (excluding pins) are 9.7mm (l) x 9.57mm (w) x 12.52mm (h)
  • Active buzzer is 5V and includes 2 pins; dimensions (excluding pins) are 11.78mm diameter x 9.16mm height
  • Possible Projects: Simulator controls, arcade controls, video game controls, control panel for other projects