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Addicore Kapton Tape Sheets (5 sheets) – 7 7/8in x 10in  – with Easy-Release Backing WS2812B RGB Addressable LED 8x8 Module WS2812B RGB Addressable LED 1x8 Module
I2C backpack for LCDs 2004 (20x4) Character LCD 2004 (20x4) Character LCD with I2C backpack
5.5mm DC Male Barrel Jack with Jacketed Wire Leads 5.5mm DC Female Barrel Jack with Jacketed Wire Leads OLED Display - 128x64 1.3in Monochrome
OLED Display - 128x32 0.91in Monochrome 3W LED Aluminum Heatsink AA 4-Battery Holder with Wire Leads
5.5mm DC Splitter Cable HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable - 1.5m USB C Cable -USB A to USB C 3.0 Cable - 3ft
Bench Power Supply 0-30V 0-6A - NPS306W RGB 5mm (T 1-3/4) LED UNI-T UT89X Digital Multi-meter
3W LED Lens PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Mounting Bracket CR2032 2-Coin Cell Battery Holder with Power Switch
3W LED Lens
Price: $0.72

2N5551 NPN General-Purpose Amplifier Transistor (TO-92 package) 4 Channel Relay Module Boffintronics RC Receiver Recorder
4 Channel Relay Module
Price: $5.48
Sale Price: $4.45
Savings: $1.03

Steve Koci's DIY RC Controller Addikit with Receiver Recorder Steve Koci's DIY RC Controller Flashing RGB 5mm (T 1-3/4) LED
Boffintronics Solder Breadboard 830 100uF Electrolytic Capacitor 5W 18V Solar Panel, 170mm x 220mm x 3mm
Boffintronics Solder Breadboard 830
Price: $6.75
Sale Price: $4.00
Savings: $2.75