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Boffintronics Haptic Feedback Module Female Quick Disconnect - 1/4" Red (22-16 AWG 5.5mm DC Female Barrel Jack Adapter with Screw Terminals
5.5mm DC Male Barrel Jack Adapter with Screw Terminals Yellow 5mm Right Angle LED 9V Battery Connector
AA 4-Battery Case with Power Switch ACS712 Current Sensor Module +/- 20A ACS712 Current Sensor Module +/- 5A
AA 3-Battery Case with Power Switch 4V to 30V Volt Meter Module (2 wire version) ACS712 Current Sensor Module +/- 30A
2004 (20x4) Character LCD with I2C backpack (Single I2C Address Version) 3W Constant Current LED Driver JST 12 Position 2mm Locking Connector
3.5mm Headphone Jack with Internal Switch 3.5mm Headphone Jack Locking Connector 2 Position 4.2mm Right Angle
Rocker Switch (SPDT) Black Female Header 1x4 Pins 0.1" (2.54mm) Spacing 5pcs 1000uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor
4.5W 6V Solar Panel, 165mm x 165mm x 2mm DS18B20 Digital Temperature Probe Waterproof 1m Length XL6009E1 Step-Up Adjustable DC-DC Switching Boost Converter
4.5W 6V Solar Panel, 165mm x 165mm x 2mm
Price: $12.50
Sale Price: $9.99
Savings: $2.51
T-Cobbler Plus for Raspberry Pi 3W Deep Red LED on Star Board Heatsink Addicore ZIF Socket DIP-28 (28 pin)
USB Type A Plug (Male) Breakout Board USB Type A Receptacle (Female) Breakout Board USB Mini Type B Receptacle (Female) Breakout Board