who we are


Craig has been tinkering since third grade when he tore apart his family’s broken VCR. In middle school Craig started building robots and fixing electronics for people in his small town in Montana. Since then he has built numerous electronics projects, designed circuit boards, taught electronics and coding to others, and started Addicore.

Craig always has an electronics project on the side, from an Arduino sailboat monitoring system to text his cell phone the weather and let him know if the boat is sinking to a portable camping power and lighting system powered by lithium ion batteries. He often replaces the LEDs in household electronics with an LED in a color he likes better than the default olive green, dull yellow, or traditional red. His interest in LEDs has led him to work with an LED manufacturer to produce custom manufactured LED colors which you can find here on Addicore.com.

At Addicore, Craig is the electrical engineer. He designs new products and curates existing products he thinks Addicore customers might want. He loves to hear what projects customers are working on and enjoys learning about and working with different electronics every day.

where we are

Addicore is located in Provo, Utah, United States

what we’re about

The makers at Addicore are focused on bringing great electronic parts and kits to makers like ourselves. Whether you are a maker at home in your garage or basement, a maker at a local hackerspace, a student working on a project, an educator, or even an engineer in industry, we want you to be able to get the parts and pieces you need fast, affordably, and conveniently. Addicore is always growing its product selection and engineering new items, but at our core we want your experience with Addicore to be consistently impressive. We strive to be the perfect electronics retailer because we know what it’s like to order electronic components and modules and be frustrated by the quality, consistency, packaging, prices, and/or shipping speed.

what you can expect

Tested Products

We test and inspect every single assembled product, module, and board and we batch test individual components. We use in-house designed testing equipment and tools to efficiently test our products. Our customers don’t need to worry about having to go through the hassle and time of troubleshooting only to find that one of our products is defective. We want our customers to work on a project knowing that items from Addicore are functional and have been tested before shipping.

Low Prices

We want to offer the lowest prices possible, which we do by staying small and keeping overhead minimal.

Fast Shipping and Quality Packaging

We process orders same day if ordered before 4pm MT, meaning your order will be fully packaged and shipped the same day it is ordered. For more details on our shipping policy, visit our shipping page. All orders are packaged securely, with static protection where needed. Items with pins are protected in foam and almost all products are packaged in a box, reclosable plastic bag, or an anti-static bag before being packaged for shipment.

Great Support

Don’t hesitate to contact us as we will try to help the best we can, whether with troubleshooting, addressing an issue, answering an inquiry, or just accepting feedback, negative or positive. Also know that if you leave a product review, we will read it. We want our customers to be happy and we will go out of our way to make your experience with Addicore great. Erin has worked with a desperate mom to coordinate last minute overnight shipping of a product for her child’s school project due in two days and Craig has helped companies with engineering advice and assistance with our products. To contact us, email support@addicore.com.

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